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5 Divisions 'Connecting with the World'

Building on the achievements and trust we have earned over our 130-year history, Kawanoe Harbor Transport strives for continued growth not only as a distributor, but as a total solution partner.

Business Information

Kawanoe Harbor Transport provides total distribution support to business partners by leveraging the expertise and experience of our 5 main divisions: Warehousing, Marine Transportation, Domestic Shipping, Land Transportation and International Logistics.

  • Warehousing Division
  • Marine Transportation Division
  • Domestic Shipping Division
  • Land Transportation Division
  • International Logistics Division

Transporting Our Generation
To Our 21st Century Global Business Partners

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Estimate Requests/Inquiries on Our Services

We accept phone and email inquiries and requests for estimates on services provided by Kawanoe Harbor Transport Co., Ltd. You will receive a prompt reply from our service representative after we review your inquiry or request for an estimate.