International Logistics Division Business Description

Moving forward with the success and the trust we have gained over our 130 years in business, Kawanoe Harbor Transport continues to grow as a distributor and a total solution partner.

International Logistics Division Outline

Coordinating Every Potential of International Logistics

The role of the International Logistics Division is to create an optimal flow of logistics, and with bases in Tokyo, Kobe and Shikoku, we are experts in getting cargo to where the customer wants it. We provide total coordination of all processes required for domestic and international transporting, from customs clearance and storage to inspection and distribution.

Our nationwide network allows us to offer a DOOR-TO-DOOR international intermodal transportation service capable of handling a wide range of customer needs, from LCL to lot cargo and from apparel to foods and large machinery.

Leveraging our History and Achievements to Build Toward the Future
  • Since 1967, our experienced import/export staff has been handling customs clearance in Shikoku and Kobe for a wide variety of cargo; and we are always ready to respond to inquiries on freight at any time.
  • Employing our tractor heads in the Kansai area to transport containers, we are fully capable of providing a flexible response to customer requirements.
  • Our network of reliable partners across the globe allows us to safely connect customer cargo DOOR TO DOOR with our B/L.
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Everything Begins with a Challenge.
  • We accept the challenge of exploring infinite possibilities for international business.
  • Our knowledgeable and experienced staff provides prompt and clear responses to your questions and concerns.
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Kawanoe Harbor Transport Co., Ltd. International Logistics Division

International Logistics Division Basic Info

Here’s the line of operations handled by the International Logistics Division at Kawanoe Harbor Transport Co., Ltd.

Main Operations handled
by the International
Logistics Division
Sea-Land Intermodal Transportation
Customs Clearance Procedures
Type 2 Cargo Transportation Business
Overseas Agents Affairs JIFFA

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