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Moving forward with the success and the trust we have gained over our 130 years in business, Kawanoe Harbor Transport continues to grow as a distributor and a total solution partner.

Land Transportation Business Outline

Substantiality of “Diversifying Transport System”

Shikokuchuo City is the core and crossroads of logistics in Shikoku. As local industry developed over the years, the volume and range of freight have expanded. Keeping pace with this expansion, we have enhanced the capability of our transportation business to provide first-rate long-distance land transportation, sea container transportation, trailer transportation, tank lorry transportation, special cargo dump truck transportation and more.

Container Transportation

We supply overland transport of marine containers for the delivery of import/ export cargo from overseas. Based in Shikokuchuo City, we also have a dispatch center in Kobe to fortify our ability to meet client needs. To ensure the lightest possible carbon footprint while providing fast and efficient transport, we strive to maximize the environmental friendliness of our operations via unmanned transportation by ferry between Kobe and Takamatsu to reduce CO2 emissions.

Container Transportation

Our skilled staff combines the talent and experience of longtime employees with the fresh perspective of new hires to ensure the most effective use of our outstanding lineup of carrier vehicles.
  • Our ten plus state-of-the-art tractor heads provide fast and efficient transport of client cargo from Shikoku and the Kansai area to ports throughout Japan.
  • Our facilities and personnel handle customs clearance, container transport and international logistics, allowing us to quickly assess client cargo needs to ensure safe and accurate transport.
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Lorry Transportation

We employ truck-mounted Unic cranes for fast and efficient delivery of chemicals to the local paper industry and construction materials to local building sites; and we are proud that our safety record has been recognized by clients with a Zero-Accident Award. Increasing work efficiency, we have replaced trailers as we strive for continued growth to maintain our position as the division of choice for our clients.

Lorry Transportation

Transporting industrial chemicals since the 1920s, we have provided essential behind-the-scenes support to local paper manufacturers.
  • With over 10 application-specific lorry vehicles in our fleet, we provide safe and efficient transport for a wide range of industrial chemicals.
  • We take pride in our experienced staff’s skill in handling chemicals and the many employees with industry certifications.
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Long-distance Transportation

We deliver a range of cargo originating from Shikoku to destinations nationwide. We also place a priority on driver education and vehicle maintenance, and have enhanced safety management by installing digital tachographs and drive recorders in all vehicles.

Long-distance Transportation

An expert in the transportation of cargo for the paper industry, we handle freight ranging from raw materials to finished products.
  • Our experienced unloading specialists accommodate customer requests accurately and efficiently.
  • Leveraging our extensive network to effectively allocate vehicles enables us to respond promptly and efficiently to customer orders.
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Kawanoe Harbor Transport Co., Ltd. Land Transportation Business

Land Transportation Business Basic Info

Here’s the line of operations handled by the Land Transportation Division at Kawanoe Harbor Transport Co., Ltd.

Main Operations Handled
by the Domestic
Shipping Division
General Area Cargo Truck Transportation Business
Container Transportation
Long-distance transportation
Establishment of Lorry Transportation Green Management Certification
  • グリーン経営認証登録証
  • Establishment of Excellent Safety Certificate

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