Marine Transportation Business Outline

'Tradition and Technique' Inheriting from Our Predecessors

Moving forward with the success and the trust we have gained over our 130 years in business, Kawanoe Harbor Transport continues to grow as a distributor and a total solution partner.

Marine Transportation Business Outline

Achievements We Have Built Upon since 1887.

Marine Transportation has been our central business since we opened our doors in 1887, and we are proud of our continuing support of the local paper industry, support that includes the delivery of 800,000 tons of wood chips and 600,000 tons of coal annually, the highest volume in Japan, all while placing a priority on safety and the environment.

The wood chips and coal we handle become the industrial paper used by publishers to print the newspapers and magazines that inform and entertain the public. Many of Japan’s newspapers and magazines are published in Chuo City, Shikoku; and building on the success and trust we have developed since our establishment, the Marine Transport Division continues to contribute significantly to this local community.

The Marine Transport Division leverages its extensive experience to support client businesses.
  1. Skilled staff form the foundation of Kawanoe Harbor Transport’s ability to respond to even the most challenging customer demands with experience and wisdom.
  2. The Marine Transport Division’s network of heavy machinery and trucks enhances our ability to respond flexibly and quickly to orders from all over the country.
  3. Our fleet of special vehicles allows us to accommodate a full range of loads, including bulk cargo and plant transport.
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List of Vehicles Employed by the Marine Transport Division
  • 15 ton Flat Body Trucks
  • Wood Chip Dump Trucks
  • Sand Dump Trucks
  • Tractors
  • Power Shovels
  • Shovel Loaders
  • Bulldozers
  • Side Clamps
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Kawanoe Harbor Transport Co., Ltd. Marine Transportation Business

Marine Transportation Business Basic Info

Here’s the line of operations handled by the Marine Transport Division at Kawanoe Harbor Transport Co., Ltd.

Main Tasks at
Marine Transportation
Inboard Cargo Works
Coastal Cargo Works
Shipping Agent
Overall Trucking (Bulk Cargos, Heavy Goods)

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