Domestic Shipping Division Business Description

Passing a shipping Tradition Forged in the 1980's to a New Generation. Building on the experience and trust we have gained since we opened our doors 130 years ago, Kawanoe Harbor Transport moves into the future not only as a distributor, but as a total solution partner.

Domestic Shipping Division Business Outline

Expert in Large-Lot Transport in Japan, a nation of islands.

Our domestic shipping business was founded in 1984. To bring our history forward into the future, we launched a new cargo ship, the “Yuseimaru,” in 2015, and are working in partnership with JX Nippon Oil & Energy to transport petroleum products throughout the nation. With a priority on safety for the crew and the environment, we emphasize ongoing employee education.
Yuseimaru Specifications
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  • Gross Tonnage (G/T)       499
  • Weight tonnage (D/W)     1650
  • Navigation area              Inshore
  • Main horsepower (PS)      1800
  • Speed (knot)                  12.6
  • Full length/full width (m) 70.00/12.00
  • Hatch mouth                  40.00×9.50×6.25
  • Construction (Completion) October 2015
October 2015 Yuseimaru Launch Ceremony
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Kawanoe Harbor Transport Co., Ltd. Marine Transportation Business

Basic Domestic Shipping Division Info

Here’s the line of operations handled by the Domestic Shipping Division at Kawanoe Harbor Transport Co., Ltd.
Main Operations Handled by the Domestic Shipping Division
Domestic Marine Transportation
Domestic Ship Rentals
Light-weight Shipping

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